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This musebox belongs to isonen, who is currently trying to make it more than a waste of space. XD

Welcome to Valtameri!

It’s a relatively small, secluded coastal down in a land far away from wherever it is you’re from. It may seem a bit medieval, but thanks to all of the involuntary tourism, you could find anything you’re looking for. And probably a whole lot you’d wish you hadn’t. There is every kind of shop imaginable, as well as restaurants and live theater. Very little runs on electricity here, however, except what has been brought in by the tourists.

The town itself is surrounded by a large wall, but you can come and go any time you like during the day. The gates are closed and guarded at night, however. You will not be hindered by the citizens in any other way.

Down the path directly from the gate to the city, due west, you may find your way to a large cove, the ocean spread out before you. There are boats and all other manner of watercraft to explore with, but if you gaze hard out at the horizon, you may notice a low-lying fog… any ship or vessel that manages to reach the fog will be unable to go any further, and if one continues to attempt it, they would find themselves suddenly turned around and back in the familiar cove. The only electric operating machinery in the area is the watercraft here, ranging only to vessels within your imagination.

Surrounding the city is a dense forest, seemingly going on forever, if you were feeling the adventurous explorer. However, if you were to turn around and start to head back, you’d find the city appearing before you in a manner of minutes, no matter how long and far you thought you’d hiked away.

To the east there is less forest to dredge through, and those feeling particularly curious will discover a valley of red sandstone cliffs and plateaus.

To the south, dense forest, as far as the eyes can see. If particularly keen of sight, the fog may once again be discernable, looming above the trees many miles away.

If gazing north from a rooftop in the city, one could glimpse a castle built upon a hill, deep on the center of the forest. As of yet, though, no explorer has happened upon it. At least, no one has returned claiming to have discovered the location.